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Book any of our services to work with professionals that know how to bring amazing energy along with the perfect balance of elegance and excitement to your lighting and effects needs. Illumination Design Solutions Takes your wedding or event to new heights and your guests on an immersive journey.






Sonny is a professional that knows how to bring amazing

energy along with the perfect balance of elegance and excitement to any event’s lighting. Sonny has 14 years of diverse entertainment industry experience. He brings a unique approach to the event market by utilizing his extensive background as a master on-stage performer, Screen Actors Guild Union member and executive producer of several national renowned on-stage productions to our lighting & effects design crew. These Years of successful on-camera work & productions have led to Sonny’s esteemed reputation in today’s entertainment industry, and he is proud to have been involved in so many past incredible events and projects.


As the executive producer of several world class stage productions, Sonny developed his expertise on the coordination, design, programming & controlling of intelligent, static or wash and accent lighting along with various mobile special effect machines and the best applications for them in a multitude of areas and spaces as well as under a variety of situations.


After years of touring nationally, both as performer and producer, Sonny’s impeccable professionalism and ability to pay attention to crucial details and extras help elevate the possibilities of your event through lighting and visual upgrades. His hands-on approach is designed specifically to deliver the event lighting of your dreams. From an intimate birthday party to customized, transformative on-stage concert lighting designs & programming to working with the mobile lighting industry’s latest state-of-the-art wedding and event lighting equipment - Sonny is always focused on raising the bar and surpassing client expectations.


To Learn More About Sonny’s Entertainment Career and Current Talent Services Offered Please Visit his website at www.SonnyG.org.