Transform any room into one that brings your guests to complete amazement. Through lighting and visual upgrades, we can help you elevate the possibilities. Beyond the mobile lighting we can add many types of mobile special effects for layers of enhanced ambiance and experiences. 


From state-of-the art Wireless Room Accent Lighting and DJ Booths to amazing mobile dance floor lighting & Special Effects like Dry Ice, Fog, Haze, Confetti, Moving Gobos, Monograms, Lasers, LED Curtains, spotlight, & More - you’re guaranteed to make your event the envy of all your who attend.

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Monograms & Gobos

For ultimate personalization, add monogrammed lighting. Project your personalized image onto the dance floor, behind the sweetheart table, or any other desired location to add that special touch.

Our Gobo Projection Fixtures are wireless and battery powered. They have secure, fixed and magnetic applications for all types of mounting and positioning options. 

Wash & Up Lighting 

Transform the look and feel of any room into something exceptional with up-lighting. Easily set the mood of the entire day by adding elegant bridal white or dramatic columns of light. Integrating up lighting and ambient lighting allows you to create a cohesive look by mixing your venue with the wedding or event colors. ​

We have basic wired slim par lighting fixtures and modern wireless and battery powered units also. All our up light fixtures can be easily controlled via wireless DMX programming. 

Atmospheric Effects

Atmospherics bring a dramatic touch to a variety of venue spaces and are perfect for themed events. Imagine guests entering a venue or your first dance as newlyweds on a cloud of low laying fog and the delighted response from guests awed by the flair of swirling and cascading fog effects.​


Create unforgettable moments with Vertical Fog Cannons, Dry Ice, Bubbles, Haze, Confetti & more!

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dj booth.jpg
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Accent & Pin Spot Lighting

Accent lighting highlights key components of a wedding and enhances your décor. Put beautiful wedding cakes in the spotlight, accentuate table centerpieces, add prominence to the sweetheart table - all with a pin spot.


Spotlight the details or place fixtures underneath tables for soft glows in matching wedding colors.​

Dance Floor & DJ Booth

The perfect dance floor lighting must do everything from tastefully highlight a first dance to making a big impression with the grand entrance of your dreams.


From warming the DJ booth with subtle up lighting to creating an immersive, dazzling nightclub feel on the dance floor, we make it happen with compact and portable lighting fixtures - Many of which combine different effects in a single fixture.


When you hire us, we provide powerful, dynamic, flexible and fun lighting for your reception dance floor. Wash, effect, moving, follow spot, lasers and more are at your fingertips with wedding & event-ready lighting from our Style Bride Lighting Design Division.

Glow Totems & Trussing

Glow Totems and trussing are outstanding presentation solutions that add even more elegance and visual impact to weddings, events and productions while ensuring the highest standards of safety and value. Glow Totems and trussing products give you the necessary tools to enhance any event.


Our Totems have modern fabric scrims in either black or white, speaker adapters, and are quickly assembled. Goal Post and Arch Trussing Kits are Available also.

Big Speaker
Projector Maintenance
Halloween Animatronics

If Illumination Design Solutions knows anything about Halloween - it’s animatronics. These scream-worthy, animated Halloween props are life-sized nightmares, and they’re known for capturing the hearts of horror and Halloween fans everywhere.


Our wide selection of animatronics can range from family-friendly to downright horrifying, which allows you to make your Halloween as fun or as scary as you want it to be. So whether you want a fog-breathing dragon or a 7’ bloodthirsty clown, you know you’ll be able to find the perfect animatronic right here at Illumination Design Solutions. 

But be warned: some have told us that our animatronics can be a little too life-like for comfort.


While our Halloween clients often use our larger animatronics on a stage, in a covered display, or set them up as indoor vignettes in a variety of spaces, they’re also perfect for transforming your home, business or school dance into the most haunted place on the block. No room for a 8ft Evil Clown? 


With so many tiny terrors to choose from, there are plenty of ways to customize your animated props to perfectly fit into your spooky theme.

Audio Speakers

Illumination Design Solutions' QSC's KW series powered speakers get 1000 watts of power, a tough birch cabinet, versatile inputs and onboard mixing, built-in DSP and more.


Reinforce your lows with our QSC KW181 subwoofers. These 18" subs boast a 1000-watt class-D amplifier and powerful DSP options in a surprisingly small package. Pair these subs with your main speakers or with our other QSC speakers to bring the BASS to your audience or guests.

Main Speakers:

Our QSC KW153's efficient Class D power, smart DSP modes, and 3-way dedicated drivers for highs, lows, and midrange, 1000 watts never sounded so good at your event. KW153s make killer main PA speakers in high-SPL, long-throw applications. Pair them with subs and you will ROCK the House! These are excellent for large rooms and concert size venues, and both indoor or outdoor events.

Monitor Speakers:

Lightweight & powerful our QSC KW122 powered loudspeakers are perfect for events with 25+ Guests or for small to mid sized rooms and venues. With 1000 watts of room-filling sound and smart onboard DSP to help you get the most out of those watts, it's no wonder these PA speakers are huge hits.


With any of our speakers at your event, there aren't many events we can't handle.

TV Monitor/Video Projection

A Slideshow is a great way to add some nostalgia and flash to your day. DO you need a TV monitor and stand, or a projector and screen for your event space? We can help give you advice about which option is better, but in the end it is your preference. Some important things to think about.

  1. Is there room for a projector and screen. The projector will need to be placed a distance away from the screen to focus, and anyone walking in front of it will cast a shadow. A TV is definitely recommended for tight spaces or slideshows with a guest book or table where there will be lots of guest traffic.

  2. What is the lighting like near the slideshow. A low light space is better for a projector.

  3. Power. It is important to keep in mind how we can get to a nearby power source to run power for the Projector or TV and Laptop.

We provide the necessary equipment to show a slideshow for your guests. You will need to provide a slideshow file so that we can set it up to play from our Laptop onto the screen.

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cocktail tables.jpg
Illuminated Decor Letter Packages

We Have Mr. & Mrs, Letter Lighting Kits As Well As Our Most Popular  - The LOVE Letter Decor Kit Available Year Round. These Are Great Decor Options For Weeding Photo Shoots And Guest Reception Photo Booths!

Our New 45" in. Tall / White exterior colored Letters Equipped with RGBW LEDs that are controllable via wireless remote are the perfect way to decorate your virtual wedding background!



  • Heart Shaped or Circular lenses

  • Battery powered Wireless control

  • Dimensions each letter 24" x 4" x 45"

  • Weight each letter: 5 lbs.

  • Wireless Remote Features:

  • Color Picker Wheel

  • Brightness Intensity

  • Color Macros with speed

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Illuminated Decor Cocktail Table Packages


Book Our New Illuminated Highboy Cocktail Tables For Your Virtual Wedding Reception, Ceremony, Celebration, Company Party & more!


Ideal for events & weddings! and rental companies, the Decor Cocktail Table is a portable wooden table designed for parties and other special events.


Consisting of a wooden top, black pole and heavy-duty metal base, the table easily breaks down into these three parts for transportation with no tools required. It assembles and dis-assembles in seconds and is supplied with an Elegant white scrim cover.


  • Wooden Table with Heavy metal base

  • Assembles and dis-assembles in seconds

  • Collapses into 3 pieces 

  • Comes in heavy duty carrying bag

  • Includes white scrim

  • 37 inches tall, 23.5 Inch round top, 18 inch Metal base

Projection Mapping Packages

Add Magic to Small to Medium Sized Spaces

From home offices to wedding cakes to retail displays. Our Projection Mapping Technology adds ambiance & information to any small to medium sized space.

Create mind blowing immersive experiences and easily create magical visuals in minutes! Our Projection Mapping enables you to create adaptive visuals powered by computer vision. ​

We provide the necessary equipment to show a Projection Mapping Design or Digital Effects Projection at your small to medium sized event space.

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"We have hired Sonny to program our national touring stage productions for over six years now and every light scene surpasses our expectations. Sonny delivers the wow factor at our theatrical shows with his DMX lighting and our audiences have come to know and love the style and creativity he puts into every lighting project." 

American Music Icons, LLC. - Theatrical Tribute Production Company

"We worked with Sonny for 3 years and are always proud to have his expertise and wonderful personality on our production teams. He has unique ideas and a no-nonsense approach to getting the job finished on time and with no work spared. Really enjoyed the fact that he initiated a lot of our best action plans to get our show on a first name basis in the local & regional entertainment market. Thank You Again, Worth every penny!"

HI-Phi Entertainment - Boulder, CO